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Mobile applications - Project management and software development. Cross device software for Apple, Android, Windows devices

  • Web App software - Using HTML5 web browser standards, mobile devices are able to host complex and responsive (react to user input quickly) applications for business.
    The Web App method benefits from several features; a single application operates on the cross-section of mobile and desktop devices, it is cost effective and allows for a single point of content and feature upgrade. Also because a single application is being served centrally, your latest version is utilised by all devices at any point in time. Appropriate ‘asynchronous’ design makes the software responsive when processing data retrieval or update operations leaving the web application to acknowledge further user entry.
  • Native App software - Using the native device operating system OS (Google Android, Windows Phone, Apple iOS) to run the application as native code.
    This method tightly couples the device with your application and is ‘stand alone’; allows internet 'off line' use once installed. Native Apps are able to be offered on the various online distribution platforms (App Store by Apple, Play Store by Android and third party provides such as Amazon Appstore). Native apps also allow fine interaction and control of the underlying device functions and operating system. The major drawback is development cost where quality cross device app consistency is required. Multiple apps for each target mobile operating system must be maintained and updated and users will have various versions dependent upon when initially downloaded and installed.
  • 'Hybrid' App software - This is an excellent solution for cross device compatibility when apps exhibit lower mobile processor loading (games have usually higher processor loading due to graphics manipulation). The HTML5 web app is either ‘wrapped’ in native code or ‘compiled’ to native code. The resulting native code is downloadable from the online distribution platforms but easily updated and maintained as a single source. Because it is downloaded by users, various app versions will be operating at any point in time.
  • Interesting Apps - Mobile Office Extension - Connect you mobile as an extension to the office phone system. This innovation allows calls to and from your office to be made at the mobile phone. Calls within the office phone network are free. All calls made to national, mobile and international recipients are at the office telephone carrier rate. The mobile app is free and office iPBX hardware ~ Aus$950.00 + installation and configuration. This is the system we at ImageWare Technologies use to maintain our international offices.
  • Interesting Apps - Onsite Service Assist - Allows onsite service staff to quickly send and receive photo/image and notes using 1 Click technology to central location for assistance. Messages and photo images with appended measurement grid are received and sent at the office iPad or Android tablet and include location, time and notes for optional inclusion into the client repair record. Suitable for on-site worker requiring replacement items or service advice; emergency responders, plumbers, equipment repair organisations and the like.

Please contact us with you mobile web IT requirement. ImageWare Technologies will provide a considered analysis of the most appropriate methodology and expected pricing to completion.

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